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Ankru 8, Tallinn

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Ankru 8 PLC

The appearance of the building is an old industrial building, which during the reconstruction was converted into a premium class apartment building. The goal was to give the building a prominent element with something, and together with the architect it was solved in the form of the BEMO roof. A roof with pre-arched aluminum tiles using the BEMO roll solution was chosen for the building. Aluminum composite plates are the facade coverings of the roof floors. Prior planning and design was extremely important for the realization of the object, during which the constructive part was immediately planned to be erected, so that the pre-curved tiles could be produced neatly in one size and radius. More challenging were the cone- and bowl-shaped sinks, where the development and construction of the knots was quite a large-scale job.

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Ankru 8

Parmet Haven Kakumäe Ellinguhoone fassaad arhitektuurifoto

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