We are an experienced manufacturing enterprise

We value our clients and manufacture and install products of highest quality

Our Products

We manufacture a wide variety of construction products. The core of our portfolio is made up of various metal facade claddings, suspended ceilings, and profiles. Standing seam roofing systems is the latest addition to our sales offering.

Our modern machine park allows us to create challenging elements and we are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative solutions. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product output and place customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

Facade Claddings

We manufacture facades made of many different materials and with many different surface coatings.

Most common facade types are cassette facades, shingle facades, panel facades and sheet facades.

We use a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, aluminium composite panels, copper, titan zinc, etc.

Suspended Ceilings

Our suspended ceiling product programme covers a wide range of suspended ceilings.

We manufacture panel, cassette, lamella, and architectural mesh ceilings as well as suspended ceilings with special solutions.

We use the following materials for suspended ceilings: steel, aluminium, titan zinc, metal mesh and aluminium composite panels.

Roof Systems

We offer quality standing seam roofs in many shapes. The BEMO standing seam system offered by us allows to create unique roofs and bring to life designs that may seem impossible at first glance.

The standing seam profiles can be made of a wide selection of materials, such as steel, aluminium, titan-zinc, or copper. In addition, it is possible to choose from many surface treatments and colours.

Our Services

Few construction projects manage with only standard solutions. We accompany you from the design phase to installation, to ensure the end-result you have desired.

Building Envelope Solutions

We aid you in perfecting your building envelope, from idea to realization. We advise customers and architects already in early design phase, to find a metal facade and roof solution suitable to all parties. We develop and design special solutions according to the wishes of the customer, work out connection details, and install facade claddings and roofs.


We produce specialty products according to the customer’s drawings. As a seasoned manufacturing enterprise we are able to handle complex subcontracting jobs. Our machine park is made up of various CNC-machines, including for the cutting, perforating, milling, and bending of sheet metal.

For the Architect

There are a number of reasons why metal facades should be preferred as the facade material when designing a new building. Among others, metal facade materials allow for unlimited choice of colour in terms of shades, structures and gloss level, provide for a large selection of different anodizes for aluminium facades, a large selection of patinas for copper facades, interesting surface coatings for titan zinc facades, opulent form of composite panel facades and a good levelling of large facade details. In addition, we provide unique perforations, different forms of facade details, as well as facade patterns established by using different sizes and shapes of facade details.
We provide all possible solutions for different start and end profiles. Furthermore, we install borders for windows, doors and for all other facade components. We can provide different forms of pole and pillar coatings (circular, angular, triangular, etc.).

In addition to metal facade materials, PARMET® can create a wide variety of custom made metal ceiling solutions or other special products according to the requirements of the architect, which can give a building a truly unique look.

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For the Architect