Inspiring architectural solutions

Why us?

Parmet creates high-quality and unique construction solutions in collaboration with architects, enriching the cityscape. We inspire, plan, and execute – offering a full service with a focus on suspended ceiling systems and facade cassettes.

Since the company’s establishment in 1991, our focus has been on metal architectural elements, as this material offers extensive possibilities for shaping different forms and also fits perfectly into the Nordic climate. To shape the entirety of a building, we also offer other materials, ranging from wood to brick.

In our production, we use recyclable materials, and the impact of our manufacturing on the environment is minimal.

For the Architect

There are numerous reasons why metal facades should be considered as the facade cladding material in architectural design. These include the wide variety of colours, shades, textures, and levels of gloss. 

Additionally, there are unique types of perforations, various shapes of facade elements, and patterns created on facades with different sizes and shapes of facade elements.


Over the course of our history, we have participated in several exciting projects and implemented a large number of bespoke architectural solutions. Our works include facades, roofs and suspended ceilings. In addition to metal products, we have used other materials to realize the architect’s vision.