Experienced family owned company


The company was established in 1991 with the purpose of manufacturing suspended ceiling systems out of metal. Production of metal facade cladding products followed soon.

Thanks to a strong and constantly developing technological base and an experienced team, we are able to implement complex special solutions. We offer a full service from consultation and design to installation of materials.

Since the establishment of the company in 1991, our focus has been on metal architectural elements, as this material offers wide possibilities for forming different shapes, as well as being perfectly suited to the northern climate. We also offer other materials, from wood to brick, to shape the building as a whole.

We use recyclable materials in our production, and the impact of production on the environment is minimal.

We evaluate ourselves through the quality of our products and the provision of added value to the customer. We value long-term cooperation and fair competition.


We are in constant development and improving the quality of our work and the efficiency of our processes. We are better today than we were yesterday, and we will be better tomorrow than we are today.


We create high-quality and unique architectural solutions that enrich the cityscape.


By integrating sustainable practices and recyclable materials, we aim to minimize environmental impact while maximizing durability and aesthetic appeal.