Inspiration for the Architect

For Architects

There are numerous reasons why metal facades should be considered as the facade cladding material in architectural design. These include the almost unlimited variety of colours, shades, textures, and levels of gloss. 

Additionally, there are unique types of perforations, various shapes of facade elements, and patterns created on facades with different sizes and shapes of facade elements.

We provide all possible solutions for different start and end profiles. Furthermore, we install borders for windows, doors and for all other facade components. Different can also provide for different forms of pole and pillar coatings (circular, angular, triangular, etc.).

We assist architects and help them to accomplish desired solutions. We are able to process, form and perforate different materials by request of the customer and are ready to support the architect when creating the optimal solutions. We own a moden machine park, that allow us to produce even the most complex details. We have machines for material stamping, ranging, bending and perforating.

Metal facades have practically unlimited colour selection in terms of shades, structures and gloss levels:

  • aluminium facades have a wide selection of anodizing solutions;
  • copper facades have a wide selection of different patinas;
  • titan zinc facades provide for interesting surface coatings,
  • composite panels have opulent form and good levelling of large facade details.

In addition, it is possible to make personalized perforations and make facade details in different forms. Different sizes and shapes of details can create patterns on facades.