AS Parmet is an experienced manufacturing enterprise that produces suspended ceiling systems, facade cassettes and profiles.

The company was established in 1992 with the purpose of manufacturing suspended ceiling systems out of metal. Over the years, the company has constantly introduced new types of suspended ceiling systems – at first, there was just one type of suspended ceiling panel system in manufacture, whereas, by now, the company manufactures grating ceilings and cassette-type suspended ceiling systems for different frames in addition to various suspended ceiling panel systems.

Manufacturing facade cassettes began in 1995, when steel facades were mainly on offer, but today, facades are manufactured from various materials, such as aluminium, aluminium composite panels, stainless steel, weathering steel, titan zinc sheet, etc.
We manufacture different types of frames, such as panel facades, cassette facades and sheet metal facades, etc.

PARMET® provides custom-made suspended ceilings and facades due to a good technological base. The company also manufactures bent profiles from sheet material and other products according to the customer’s wishes.